Welcome to eleFront!
eleFront is a plugin for Grasshopper, the visual programming editor for Rhino3d.


eleFront enables Grasshopper users to generate metadata alongside their geometry as they work, in the same familiar environment and workflows. This metadata - in the form of attributes - can then be used to query, sort, or filter those objects, making it possible to organize and manage very large models with a huge number of objects.
  • Easily Reference existing Geometry into your scripts
  • Add Attributes to your Geometry
  • Filter, Sort, Query your Objects
  • Algorithmically define and modify Layers
  • Create Annotations in Grasshopper
  • Define, Reference, and Explode Blocks
  • Divide a Large Project into Smaller Stages
  • Additional Tools for Managing Data Trees


eleFront is developed by Front, Inc. - an international and multidisciplinary design consulting group specializing in the design and execution of innovative building facades.
We developed eleFront primarily in order to deliver the complex and challenging construction projects with which we're engaged. We have made the plugin publicly available and free, in hopes to promote a data-centric way of producing 3d models.
Last modified 10mo ago