Working with Blocks has some important differences in the new version of EleFront. We hope this will bring more clarity and control to block-based workflows. We have tried to separate the process of creating the block definition from when you are creating instances.


When you define a block, the component now returns a representation of the Block Definition.

The Define Linked Block component now also includes an option for Embedded and Linked.

Note - what used to be called "Import Linked Block" is now called "Define Linked Block". The old component called "Define Linked Block" no longer exists - in order to define geometry to an external file, simply use Bake To File, and then create the Linked Block definition with Define Linked Block.

This will allow you to update external block definitions without having to bake to your active document.

That definition is easily convertible into a block, either by transforming it, or passing it into a Block parameter:

You may notice the asterisk after the name of the block. This is to indicate that the block definition only exists in Grasshopper - there is either no definition in the Rhino document, or the version in Grasshopper is newer than the version in Rhino. In order to resolve this, you need to "Push" the definition to the document. Please see the next tab.

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