Filtering is one of the key functions of eleFront, and we have added some new features as well as a new component.
Sort by Key
Invert Filter
Return Nulls

New Component: Sort by Key

This component will sort through an input tree, for a given key, and then will group together all the items that share the same User Value for the specified Key, into the same branch. Those branches will also be ordered alphabetically by the value:
The component has a variable number of inputs, so you can sort by multiple keys, while nesting the results:

Match Multiple Keys

You can now filter using multiple keys at once. Be sure to provide an equal number of Values as keys, otherwise eleFront will assume you are trying to filter for different Values of the same Key.

Invert Filters

All filtering components now feature an "Invert" option, which allow you to use the component for exclusion, rather than inclusion.
In some Filter components, the inverted list is included automatically, though you can still use the invert option to control which output they go into
The keen observer will also note that the Point input for Filter by Type is now working correctly.

Return Nulls

In the previous version of eleFront, the Filter by Type component would return nulls for items that did not match the filter, while other components did not have this feature. We have expanded that to all Filter components (except Filter by User Text, for now), as an option in the context menu.

Parallel Filtering

All Filter components allow for the filtering of parallel streams of data.