Canvas Management

eleFront makes it even easier than before to keep your canvas organized as you work.
Hot Keys
Easy Shift

Data Param Hot Keys

There is now a menu with options for adding and removing Data Description components to your canvas quickly and easily.
Some users may recognize this menu from Autograph, another Front Inc. plugin. If you use that plugin, please read more here.

Easy Shift

When you have a tree with lots of extraneous levels, it's natural to use Simplify to make your tree nice and tidy. However it can quickly lead to situations where you accidentally lose a tree level that you actually want to keep, and it wreaks havoc downstream.
The more robust solution is to use Shift Paths, and explicitly control your tree, but of course having Simplify right there at your right-click menu makes it so easy...
So now we've made it easier to shift your trees in a deliberate, controlled way, with tree shifting integrated directly into the Data Components, through the right-click context menu.